Best Magazines for Kids to Share in Your Classroom

No matter how many awesome tech tools we find, we’ll always love a great print magazine. There are so many classroom uses, from adding variety to your classroom library to using excerpts for reading or writing mini-lessons, or to boost kids’ background knowledge about a topic. Whether you get a classroom subscription or stock up on back issues that fit your curriculum, we think these are some of the best magazines for kids to land in your mailbox.

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1. Highlights High Five (Ages 3–6)

Cover for Highlights High Five a an example of best magazines for kids

This is our top choice for the best magazine for pre-K and kindergarten kids. It has fun recurring features they can access independently—hooray for Hidden Pictures! There are also diverse short stories, poems for shared reading, and awesome how-to directions for projects and recipes.

Buy it: Highlights High Five on Amazon

2. Highlights High Five Bilingüe (Ages 3–6)

Cover for High Five Bilingue magazine as an example of best magazines for kids

This is such a great resource if kids in your classroom speak (or are learning) Spanish! All the same great features of the original magazine in a bilingual format.

Buy it: Highlights High Five Bilingüe on Amazon

3. Ladybug (Ages 2–6)

Sample issue of Ladybug magazine as an example of best magazines for kids

Every page of Ladybug is beautiful, colorful, and a delight to read. Each issue is filled with charming characters, activities, songs, poems, and stories.

Buy it: Ladybug on Amazon

4.  National Geographic Little Kids (Ages 2–6)

Cover for National Geographic Little Kids as an example of best magazines for kids

This is our favorite science and social studies magazine for preschool and kindergarten kids. National Geographic’s signature photos draw kids in, and the content is great for a quick, engaging read-aloud or kids’ own browsing. We also like to save back issues that relate to curriculum topics.

Buy it: National Geographic Little Kids on Amazon

5. Humpty Dumpty (Ages 2–6)

Sample issue of Humpty Dumpty magazine

Humpty Dumpty has stories, poems, cartoons, puzzles, games, recipes, and crafts that are designed with an emergent reader in mind.

Buy it: Humpty Dumpty on Amazon

6. Ranger Rick Jr. (Ages 3–6)

Sample issue of Ranger Rick Jr. magazine

Little ones love the fun activities, simple stories, wild animal features, and seasonal crafts and recipes. This magazine sparks kids’ interest in nature and gets them ready to read.

Buy it: Ranger Rick Jr. on Amazon

7. Highlights (Ages 5–10)

Sample issue of Highlights for Children magazine as an example of best magazines for kids

A timeless choice. Science projects, puzzles, games, and stories encourage creativity and critical thinking skills. Kids can also submit their own art and writing for consideration.

Buy it: Highlights for Children on Amazon

8. Spider (Ages 6–9)

Cover for Spider magazine as an example of best magazines for kids

This artful choice is full of stories, poems, articles, and illustrations from around the world. It’s great for newly independent readers who are excited about reading a variety of content.

Buy it: Spider on Amazon

9. ChickaDEE (Ages 6–9)

Book cover for ChickaDEE as an example of best magazines for kids

Jam-packed full of interactive games, hands-on science experiments, amazing photos, illustrations, and stories. We like how ChickaDEE balances education and entertainment.

Buy it: ChickaDEE on Amazon

10. ChopChop (Ages 4–12)

Book cover for Chop Chop magazine as an example of best magazines for kids

This is the best cooking magazine for foodie kids! Recipes, photos, and fun food-themed articles will ignite kids’ interest in healthy cooking and eating.

Buy it: ChopChop on Amazon

11. Jack and Jill (Ages 6–12)

Sample issue of Jack and Jill magazine

Jack and Jill offers variety with engaging stories, games, comics, kid-centered interviews, recipes, and crafts. Readers can also submit their own stories, poems, articles, jokes, and drawings for publication.

Buy it: Jack and Jill on Amazon

12. National Geographic Kids (Ages 6–12)

Cover for National Geographic Kids magazine as an example of best magazines for kids

While it’s more ad-heavy than the little-kid version, we still think this is one of the best magazines for elementary kids. Lots of high-interest topics to wow readers—plus activities and jokes.

Buy it: National Geographic Kids on Amazon

13. Ranger Rick (Ages 7–10)

Cover for Ranger Rick

Ranger Rick presents amazing facts, stunning photos, and outdoor adventures that help kids sharpen reading skills and develop a deeper appreciation for nature.

Buy it: Ranger Rick on Amazon

14. Ask (Ages 7–10)

Cover for Ask magazine

This is one of the best magazines for curious, thoughtful kids. In-depth articles tackle kids’ big questions about art, inventions, science, and more. Readers can submit their questions for the magazine to answer.

Buy it: Ask on Amazon

15. Illustoria (Ages 8–14)

Book cover for Illustoria magazine, Music issue

This whimsical magazine is  published three times per year by the International Alliance of Youth Writing Centers. Each issue centers on a topic, like motion, food, the rain forest, etc. Look for themed book reviews, infographics, unique project directions, fresh interviews and profiles, poetry, short stories, and more. The super-cool design and emphasis on visual storytelling will appeal to artsy kids. Subscribe annually or purchase individual issues. Heavyweight pages make each issue keepsake-quality.

Buy it: Illustoria on Amazon

16. Sports Illustrated Kids (Ages 8–14)

Sample issue of Sports Illustrated Kids magazine

A fan favorite! Kids can read about professional and up-and-coming youth athletes, training tips, Q & A, sports stats, and more. They can also submit their sports artwork for a monthly contest. This is one of our go-to offerings for reluctant readers.

Buy it: Sports Illustrated Kids on Amazon

17. Bravery (Ages 5–12)

Illustration of Eugenie Clark on cover of Bravery Magazine

This magazine is a design masterpiece, with each issue centered on a strong female role model. The subscription is on the pricey side, but you’ll want to save every issue for years to come. “Companion Guides” are available as an add-on for any issue you especially love, giving you digital access (and the ability to print!) all activity pages, plus extra resources on the topic.

Buy it: Bravery at

18. Animal Tales (Ages 6–12)

Sample issue of Animal Tales magazine as an example of best magazines for kids

Animal lovers will fawn over this magazine full of glossy, cute animal photos and stories that are both feel-good and informative.

Buy it: Animal Tales on Amazon

19. Honest History (Ages 8–14)

Cover for Honest History as an example of best magazines for kids

This impeccably researched gem gets rave reviews from educators looking for social studies resources. Each issue focuses on a theme and offers many perspectives on the topic, including #OwnVoices articles and interviews, stories and comics, key vocabulary, maps, and more. Subscribe for quarterly issues or buy single copies. Heavyweight pages mean these will hold up well to years of student reading.

Buy it: Honest History at

20. Faces (Ages 9–14)

Cover for Faces magazine as an example of best magazines for kids

Faces helps kids understand how people in other countries and cultures live. Each issue focuses on a different culture—from Jordan to the emerging Asian states—including stories about daily life, folk tales, history, and traditions of the people and places.

Buy it: Faces on Amazon

21. New Moon Girls (Ages 8–14)

Cover for New Moon Girls as an example of best magazines for kids

Started by a mom of twin preteen girls, this magazine aims to inspire girls to be their authentic, resilient, empowered selves.

Buy it: New Moon Girls at

22. Cricket (Ages 9–14)

Sample issue of Cricket magazine

A classic choice! Cricket features stories, poems, puzzles, recipes, and science and nature articles.

Buy it: Cricket on Amazon

23. The Week Junior (Ages 9–14)

Cover for The Week Junior as an example of best magazines for kids

This weekly publication is jam-packed full of current events and high-interest topics for kids. You’ll find tons of short text to use for lessons about persuasive writing, informational writing, and content-area topics.

Buy it: The Week Junior on Amazon

What do you think are the best magazines for kids? Share in the comments below.

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