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Two blog posts in a row about our Library staying a Risk-free Place for our LGBTQIA+ kiddos. Why? Because we are aggressively passionate about remaining allies to our young ones. Also, the news is chock complete of alarming examples where by moms and dads, college districts, and communities are NOT supporting the independence to examine. The democratic freedom to give ALL young ones the choice to uncover textbooks without the need of censorship or barriers.

It boils my blood! Why does it seem to be like we’re likely backwards with FREADom to read?

So, I desired to give you (pricey reader!) an instance of our Pleasure Month ebook show, our record of Fiction guides, and how we endorse it to our kiddos. Most of this post is copied from our Daring University Library Site, Instagram posts, &

what I shared through our Canvas local community announcement.

A single of my most highly regarded Library friends, Laura C. Davies (Adore her!) who I met when I was keynoting the ASTE Tech Convention in Anchorage Alaska experienced this to say on my Instagram write-up:

lauracdavies  Commented:

“Indeed! I have my individual classroom library, full of numerous guides,
and for the 1st time in my vocation I basically questioned if an individual
would complain about my assortment. I am going to keep on bringing new
guides into my classroom since pupils who require textbooks that inspire
inclusion know in which they can discover them.”

What do you imagine?

While you might be here, get a copy of our Top 25 LGBTQIA+ Checklist of Fiction Guides   Or come to the Library Media Heart for a paper model on show. We’re showcasing both equally fiction and nonfiction books!

From our Instagram Posts:

Hey #MHMSMd Mountain Lions appear verify out our #MHMSPride 🏳️‍🌈 e-book display screen! You continue to have an additional week or so to verify out a ebook & these are awesome! We have normally been and hope will often be a #SafeSpace for all our little ones! #LGBTQIA+ #Ally We’re featuring each fiction and nonfiction books! #NOCensorship right here!

🏳️‍🌈One of my pupils checked out a book from this screen appropriate after I finished placing it up and requested – “Do my parents know what publications I verify out from below?” To which I replied, “Nope. Not this year. 

You have the proper to read regardless of what you want with complete perception of confidentiality. We would under no circumstances out you. But Politics can improve points. “

Certainly, unfortunately, there are some faculty districts and states that want to notify mothers and fathers of the guides they test out!” HORROR!

Why does it look like we’re going backwards and not forwards? i’d like to hear what you imagine of the opinions. It scares me!

This is the total pyramid exhibit! 🏳️‍🌈 #MHMSMd Mountain Lions appear on in & verify out our #MHMSPride reserve display!

We have constantly been, and hope to constantly be, a #SafeSpace for all our kids! #LGBTQIA+ #Ally.

Make sure you share them in the feedback. OR you can always email me if you prefer to be anonymous.

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