Queen Elizabeth II + Education


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What lessons can we master from Queen Elizabeth II?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II leaves a legacy for us all and for all upcoming generations. In an at any time-shifting planet, she was a steady and secure power, embodying the qualities of a wonderful chief.

‘Queen Elizabeth was educated at dwelling like a lot of girls from rich households at that time (1930s). Soon after her father King George VI succeeded to the throne in 1936, Elizabeth became initially in line to the throne. She started off to analyze constitutional history and regulation as preparing for her future role.’

‘She gained tuition from her father … and was educated in faith by the Archbishop of Canterbury. She also learned French from a amount of French and Belgian governesses. It was a talent which stood The Queen in very good stead, notably on visits to French-speaking Canada and to French talking nations around the world.’

We will meet again …

The Queen exemplified all matters ‘education’.

She was a lifelong learner, a robust communicator and a wonderful motivator. She experienced a terrific get the job done ethic, a powerful eyesight and an means to system and execute phrases of knowledge when necessary. Through COVID-19, her tackle to the men and women of the United Kingdom is an fantastic illustration of tolerance and leadership.

She was a great negotiator, she was tranquil in a crisis, and was usually seeking for techniques to enhance. In the similar evaluate, she was similarly adept as balancing her point out role, discovering choice ways to join with the British people. Her ‘extra’ roles in Paddington Bear and the London Olympics 2012 exemplify her fashionable strategy and glimpses into her humour.

The Queen’s Speech (21st birthday, 1947)

Schooling leadership …

Let us change for a instant to all-matters university leadership. What ever your views are on the British Monarchy, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was a purpose product to us all.

To start with, that leadership is a lot more than just acquiring experience. It is about possessing the resilient mindset and strategy. It is about owning authentic values and a compassionate perspective.

Next, that management is about extra than just currently being in cost. It is about staying section of a crew. It is about doing the job together to reach popular plans. From the fantastic leaders we know, we comprehend that they have to be a crew player, something that is fundamental to faculty accomplishment.

Finally, that management is a demanding and difficult function, but one that can be immensely satisfying. It’s not for everyone. either. At periods it can be a lonely role, nevertheless also massively rewarding. It is a position that lets you to make a big difference to the lives of quite a few.

This earlier mentioned, and so significantly more, is what the late the Queen Elizabeth II epitomised.

We should really strive for a superior environment that is safe and sound and prosperous, total of hope and kindness. The latter two are characteristics that Her Majesty ongoing to remind us of in her working day-to-working day function her overall lifetime …

As university leaders, we. can only hope that The Queen’s values permeate our university communities.