Queues and Backchannels

It can feel like you’re being pulled in seven directions at once when running a classroom activity like a science lab. I’ve experienced similar feelings when all of my students are working on individual computer repair projects at the same time. Over the years I’ve tried a lot of analog and digital methods to handle those situations. Last week I came across a new-to-me solution that you might find helpful as well.

Classroomq is a tool that I’ve described a couple of times in the last week as a bit like a digital deli counter ticket system for your classroom. Classroomq provides you with a simple webpage on which your students can indicate that they need help and state the problem/question with which you can help them.

Classroomq shows you a list of the students who have asked for help and their questions. You then digitally cross-off their names as you address their questions. Classroomq will provide you with a record of which students asked for help and the questions they may have asked.

Watch my short video to see how Classroomq works.

In the past I’ve used Google Forms and Microsoft Forms to create a similar type of system in my classroom, but it wasn’t nearly as polished as what Classroomq offers. I’ve also used YoTeach! for a similar purpose although it’s better suited as a backchannel discussion tool than a ticketing tool.

Yo Teach! lets you create online backchannel spaces to facilitate discussions. Use that backchannel to provide a voice for every student in your classroom. You can use a backchannel to have students submit questions, to respond to your questions or their classmates’ questions, or to simply share some observations during a classroom activity. Here’s a brief demo of how YoTeach! works.

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