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If you have a serious Christmas tree, then you are in luck. There are plenty of options for it to have an extended everyday living soon after the festive period. Here’s some concepts to support you out:

Planted tree

1. Plant your tree outside the house

To start with if your tree has roots, then plant it out. Look at the possible height and width it could come to be, and then pick a area where there is home for it to flourish and expand. In the picture earlier mentioned, the children were being so pleased to see the Xmas tree in their outside place that in advance of the conclude of the to start with working day, cones and other purely natural ornaments adorned its branches when much more.

At Tullos Nursery in Aberdeen, there has been a tradition of planting out each year’s Xmas tree. As a outcome, they now have a charming woodland glade in their outdoor place.

2. Let your tree die beside a dwelling specimen

This is a beneficial discussion piece as children can communicate about what they see, observe and speculate about the modifications using area. It can take a extremely very long time for some trees to shed their needles and certainly degrade. It provides protect and dead foliage as effectively which in some cases educational facilities and nurseries can be a bit way too quick to remove.

3.Use the bare tree for participate in and mastering

The moment you have stripped the needles off a tree then it can still be applied. It can be moved all-around by small children in their totally free perform actions. Alternatively,  hang a variety of objects these kinds of as objects, figures and letters onto its branches . It could even be redecorated in distinct means!

Hanging tree

4. Use the brashings as a mulch

The brashings of Christmas trees make a attractive mulch as demonstrated in the photo underneath. This was taken in April in Chicago and I believed it was a lovely practical way to use a tree and incorporate unique color and texture to the beds.

Xmas tree mulch

5. Compost the tree

This does consider more exertion. It will involve chopping up a tree in to small items so that it can crack down in just a compost bin. However it is good practice for children at making use of secateurs and even often loppers, dependent on the measurement of your tree and the sum of grownup supervision essential. If you leave the tree right up until the needles are brown, then these can be stripped if you are carrying leather gloves and the leftover dry sticks used for kindling.

6. Use the brashings for wildlife habitats

The brashings of the trees can benefit wildlife. By leaving them in a pile with other dead materials, then this can create a dwelling for a assortment of creatures, not least hedgehogs. A variation on this theme is the den in the higher than photo, from the Rosmarynek permaculture yard in Brno, Czech Republic. Here’s the cuttings and brashings are piled on to a wooden construction to produce a den. Earlier mentioned the den, the brashings break down and climbing crops such as raspberries and blackberries are encouraged to grow about it.

Rosmarynek Den

7. Den developing with the brashings

Children can use Xmas tree brashings in their engage in. Dens can be manufactured from the branches which have dropped their needles or from clean cuttings. In the photo beneath, the den was repeatedly managed by the addition of conifer brashings which ended up lying on the forest flooring. To make a cost-free standing den, have a appear at these guidance from the Forest Faculty Affiliation.

Xmas tree den

Underneath is a critical brashing den that was developed up year on 12 months by the little ones at this Swedish outdoor nursery… one particular attractive component of this that the den belonged to the young children. Grownups have been only permitted inside of if invited by a boy or girl!

Swedish den

8. A fowl-pleasant recycled Xmas tree

Here’s a wonderful  blog publish about how my friend, Andrea and her family re-applied their Xmas tree. The procedure included discovering how to noticed, dig a hole and make some hen feeders! It’s remarkable. Furthermore the ways to making chicken feeders can be as inventive and inventive as your youngsters would like – with the follow up joy of observing which structure the birds look to want or irrespective of whether one particular species of chicken prefers one design above yet another.

9. Just engage in with the brashings

  • The smells and textures of distinct trees are astounding. Rub the needles and scent. Look at the bark and see if you can locate any of the sticky runny sap. Use the fallen needles to make shapes, styles to mark make with sticks in the floor, specifically if a mattress of needles quickly fall.
  • Dependent on your tree variety, it could be that you can chop up some of the pine needles extremely finely to make Scot’s Pine tea with a dash of honey.
  • Minor little ones love the bodyweight and motion of pulling all-around tree brashings. They can be used as big brushes for sweeping the ground. Some could want to consider and make their possess tails or extravagant skirts!

Be sure to advise other prospects for re-making use of Christmas trees – I’m sure there is numerous extra ideas out there! No matter what you choose to do, make the most of your tree and appreciate its extended possible for finding out and perform wherever you live

10. Feed the trees to your resident goats

Certainly I know you likely do not have goats at your school or nursery but it’s a excellent address for them. I couldn’t resist including in this video…


Need to we be getting serious Xmas trees?

The developing of Christmas trees is an intensive farming process. Nevertheless, the carbon footprint of a true 1 keep on being drastically fewer than that of a plastic tree according to this post. A good deal appears to be to count upon how considerably you travel to supply it and how you select to dispose of it. If you can get one with roots that can be planted then this is better. Finest of all is basic to select a tree that is presently in your outside area and decorate this. There is also a developing craze for driftwood and other gorgeous bare branches to be used as a Xmas tree decoration.

This put up is a revamped version of the authentic initial posted in 2013!

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