5 Simple Tips to keep your New Year's Resolution this 2022

Have you thought of your new year’s resolution already? That’s good! Just like the rest of us, we feel that the new year is the best time to accomplish something new.

However, there’s more to a new year’s resolution than just having one. According to one study, 80% of those who start a new year’s resolution fail to keep it.

In this feature, we have listed five simple tips to help you stick to your resolution.

  1. Choose a specific goal

    Having multiple or grand resolutions is tempting. After all, we want to feel that there’s a big change in our lives.

    But instead of having so many new year’s resolutions, just think of a specific one. Something that can still have a positive impact on your life, and maybe others.

    One example is maybe, this year, you’d like to be more organized with your belongings. So instead of doing this all over the place, why not just try being organized at your study desk at home.

    Focus on that area alone.

  2. Make it a commitment

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    According to Dr Marcelo Campos, a lecturer at Harvard Medical School, writing down your goals makes you feel more committed to them.

    Write your new year’s resolution on a piece of paper. Make sure it is legible and large enough. Place the written goal in an area where you will always see it.

    For us here at Learner Net, what we suggest is to make it a mini-project of yours. Instead of just writing it on any piece of paper, use great-looking stationery and put some design on it.

    Update it once in a while and add more elements that will remind you of your goal.

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  3. Break it down

    Sometimes, we get too intimidated by a major task that we need to do. And because we get frustrated with the big task at hand, we tend to get discouraged.

    This is the same for your new year’s resolution. So instead of just looking at the main goal, try to create smaller tasks that will lead you to it.

    If your new year’s resolution is to have a healthier diet, create tasks that are easier to achieve such as using the stairs more often, avoiding soda on weekends, or drinking low-fat milk instead.

  4. Celebrate the small wins

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  5. Stick to a habit

    Though it may be true that your goal is something that you think about all the time, you also have multiple roles that you need to play. You’re a student, a friend, a loving child,  etc.

    Give yourself dedicated time to focus on your new year’s resolution. Make sure there are no other concerns that you need to address during this slot.


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