ABCya- Free Learning Games for Kids (Review)

ABCya is a website that provides free learning games for kids in grades Pre K through 6. ABCya learning Games are organized by grade and subject area and cover a wide array of topics including  math, typing,  literacy, pattern recognition, word formation, and more. kids can play ABCYa for free, however, the free version supports ads and some of these ads can be annoying. The premium version is ad-free. Kids can play games using their keyboard or mouse (not the best option for  kids with hand mobility issues!).

ABCya games are appropriate for kids from different grade levels. The platform itself is simple and easy to navigate. However, Kids might need some guidance from teachers or parents on how to locate games. ABCya does not offer much help in this regard. Teachers can use ABCya games in various educational activities including in teaching writing, reading,  social studies, science, math practice, typing practice, and more. 

Students can play ABCya learning games individually or in groups. Many of the ABCya games are aligned with Common Core State Standards and teachers can use the Standards tab to search for games that meet the standards of any given grade level.

What are ABCya videos?

ABCya videos section features tons of educational how-to videos to help kids develop different handy art skills. There are videos on how to make 3D paper cherries or fish, how to create leaf prints, how to make a bubble painting, how to make a cat pen holder, how to make an origami tulip, how to make a straw bracelet, and more. 

What are ABCya printables?

ABCya printables are downloadable resources that teachers and parents can use to further enhance the educational potential of ABCya games. Printables are arranged into the following categories: Coloring Pages, Activity Pages, Worksheets, and Teacher Resources. Teachers can download or print these educational resources to use with their students in class. Teachers can also search for printables that meet specific Common Core Standards. However, as of writing these lines the majority of ABCya printables are only for premium subscribers. 
ABCya printables

ABCya learning games

ABCya games are organized by subject, grade level, genre, and theme. Kids can browse through the collections to find the games they want to play. Most of the featured games provide written or audio instructions and some of them support multiplayer mode allowing kids to compete against one another. One caveat about the ABCya platform is that it does not offer tools to track kids playing activities and record their progress.  

ABCya learning games cover the following subjects:

   A. ABCya Art and Music Games:

The Art & Music section features a collection of educational games designed to inspire kids creativity by engaging them in activities that involve drawing, animating, painting, writing songs, and more. Some of the featured Art & Music games include: ABCya Paint, Storymaker, True Colors. Word Clouds, Pixel Art, among others.

   B. ABCya Language Arts Games

The Language Arts section features fun and educational games that cover various topics including: spelling, parts of speech, idioms, alphabetical order, and more. Some of the featured Language Arts games include: Alphabet Bingo, Alphabet Bubble, Alphabetical Order, Nouns and Verbs, Out of Sight Words, Spelling Spree, Talk to Me Alphabet, and more.

   C. ABCya Writing Games

ABCya Writing section features games and educational activities that help kids practice their writing skills. Some of the featured games in this category include: Fun Factory- Punctuation & Capitalization, Letter & Number Tracing, Storymaker, Type a Friendly Letter, and Write a Letter to Santa.

   D. ABCya Science Games

The Science section features educational games and activities that help kids explore the world of science and learn how science is used in everyday life. Some of the featured Science games include Learn the Skeletal System, Orbital Order, Prehistoric Puzzle, States of Matter, Constellation Station, Five Senses, and Hydro Logic.

   E. ABCya Social Studies Games

The Social Studies section provides access to educational games covering various topics including: learning about the wonders of the world, states, capitals, and more. Some of the featured Social Studies games include: USA Geography Puzzle, Wonders Around the World, World Bingo, State Bingo, and Step Right Up! States & Capitals.

   F. ABCya Typing Games

ABCya typing games help kids practice and hone their typing skills. Some of the featured typing games include: Ghost Typing, Cup Stacking Typing, Keyboard Challenge, Keys and Carrots, Typing Rocket, Owl Planes Typing, Keyboarding Zoo, Koala Paddle Boards-Spelling, and more.

   G. ABCya Math Games

The Math section contains a wide variety of educational games to help kids develop their math skills particularly in areas related to multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. Some of the featured Math games include: Balloon Pop Subtraction, Clear It Addition, Comparing Number Values, Learn to Tell Time, Money Bingo, Number Race, Order of Operations, Roman Numerals, Sudoku Math Puzzle, and more.

ABCya math games

ABCYa Games app?

ABCya is available as a mobile app for Android and iOS. The app includes over 300 games and most of the games on the desktop version are also available on the mobile app. ABCya app is free to download from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon app stores. ABCya Games app offers access to 6 free games per week, a subscription is required to access other games.

How much does ABCya cost?

ABCya offers two plans: a Free plan (supports ads) and an ads-free Premium plan. The premium plan includes the following subscriptions: the Premium Family plan includes a monthly subscription ($9.99/ month), a 6-month subscription ($7.50/month), and an annual subscription ($5.83/month). The  Premium Classroom plan offers an annual subscription at the price of $25/month. The Premium School subscription supports unlimited devices and offers an annual subscription for $166.67/month. 

Premium subscribers have access to the following features: unlimited access to all games on ABCya Games app; offline access to the mobile app; access to numerous educational materials such as worksheets, activity pages, and teacher resources; unlimited number of saved favorite games, access to tools such as fullscreen game mode, category control, and the timer.