Rephrase Sentences with Just a Few Clicks

Rephrase Sentences the Easy Way

Need to rephrase sentences? Just copy and paste or type your sentence into Wordtune’s editor, and let artificial intelligence do the rest. You can also add their handy Chrome extension to rephrase sentences directly in your favorite browser-based apps. For example, with the Wordtune extension, you can highlight the text you’d like to reword in a Google Doc and click on the Wordtune icon to get suggestions.

Rephrase Sentences With Just a Few Clicks

Improve Your Writing With Artificial Intelligence

Much more than a thesaurus or grammar-checker, Wordtune provides suggestions to make your writing clearer and more compelling. Powered by artificial intelligence, Wordtune uses context and semantics to understand what you’re trying to say and suggest alternative ways to phrase your text. Their free plan allows you to rewrite 10 sentences per day. Paid plans offer unlimited rephrasing with the option to choose your tone or change the length of your text. 

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